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Margaret Waugh, a graduate of Loyola University in Chicago, has been a practicing clinician for over five years.

I am a licensed clinical social worker who has been a clinician for over five years but working within the broader field of social work for nearly ten. I have both a master’s and bachelor’s degree in social work, from Loyola University of Chicago and Creighton University respectively. My professional experience has been comprised of a focus on adoption, family dynamics and dysfunction, attachment, child welfare, parenting, adult survivors of childhood abuse, domestic violence, community mental health, and employment and skills training. The breadth of my experience has uniquely prepared me for private practice, as I am trained and experienced in assisting clients as they identify, process, and work to address a wide variety of concerns.

Therapy is a unique opportunity to focus on yourself and begin down the path to a healthy, more fulfilling life. Within the emotionally safe environment that therapy provides you will be allowed to heal as you address difficult issues, gain clarity, and become reacquainted with your authentic self. Working collaboratively with a therapist can help you to explore patterns, relationships and ways of functioning that no longer serve your best interest. This exploration will give you the strength and confidence necessary to make changes and regain control of your life.

My approach to therapy emphasizes the value of each person and views relationships as the most important aspect of our lives. Through encouragement and genuine connection, I foster a trusting therapeutic relationship that will help to sustain meaningful change in your life. Therapy will be a celebration of your strengths and an incorporation of the expertise you have about yourself and your relationships as we work collaboratively toward your personal growth.

If you have questions about my approach or specialties, please contact me by phone or email so we can discuss it more fully.